Democratic Party Chairman Marcel Groen's Statement on Last Night's Election

HARRISBURG, PA— Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Marcel L. Groen released the following statement after last night's sweeping victory for the Democratic Party:

"What a night!

"It is my sincere pleasure to congratulate the newly-elected Supreme Court Justices Christine Donohue, Kevin Dougherty, and David Wecht.

"This was a victory for fair redistricting. For too many years, the process of drawing legislative seats has been tilted toward politics that protect the status quo and special interests.

"Yesterday's victories affirm that the people of Pennsylvania want a voice in their legislature. They want districts that represent their communities, not districts drawn to protect out of touch majorities.

"Congratulations are also in order for our new Superior Court Judge-elect Alice Beck-Dubow and Commonwealth Court Judge-elect Michael Wojcik.

"In addition to sweeping the statewide races, I would also like to congratulate the new majority Commissioners in Armstrong, Cambria, Centre, and Westmoreland Counties.

"In Philadelphia, Jim Kenney was elected Mayor with the highest margin of victory in the city's history, and Rich Fitzgerald was overwhelmingly re-elected as Allegheny County Executive.

"In my own Montgomery County, a ticket led by Commissioners Josh Shapiro and Valerie Arkoosh won overwhelmingly, carrying every row office with them.

"Regardless of the outcome, Democrats across Pennsylvania ran races of which we all can be proud. They ran on a message of fairness, equality, and fighting for middle class families. Our candidates stood for these Democratic values and are all winners in my book.

"I would like to thank everyone who volunteered on a campaign, made calls, or knocked on doors, for all that they've done during this election.

"The Commonwealth faces many challenges as we forge ahead into the coming year. Last night, Pennsylvania elected Democrats to take on these challenges in various capacities.

"This is, however, only the beginning! We have many more great things to do. This was a first step on the road towards 2016, when we will send a Democrat back to the White House, elect another U.S. Senator, and begin to take back the state legislature.

"I am proud to have worked with all of you in this election. As I always say, we win or lose together—this election was won because we all worked hard together."