Do PA ReTrumplicans Condone Trump Rhetoric?

HARRISBURG, PA— Today, members of the Pennsylvania ReTrumplican Party will head to New York City for a fundraiser at the Plaza Hotel, headlined by none other than Donald Trump.

Marcel Groen, Chairman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, released the following statement in advance of the event:

"By refusing to cancel this event so far, we can only assume that the Pennsylvania GOP condones and possibly endorses the hateful rhetoric spewed by Donald Trump. This is a man who says vile things about women, wants to ban an entire religion from entering the United States, and repeatedly mocks the disabled, immigrants, and even veterans. He's inspiring white supremacists, bigots, and in Philadelphia we've seen violent acts brought on by the type of rhetoric he spews. His comments against Muslims are also detrimental to our national security. Muslim countries around the world are our allies in the fight against terror and we should be working with the Muslim community, not ostracizing it.

"The money raised from this fundraiser will inevitably go to help re-elect Senator Pat Toomey and elect other Pennsylvania Republicans as well. If Senator Toomey and Pennsylvania Republicans running for office want to truly disassociate themselves from Donald Trump's despicable message and policies, they should immediately demand that not a single cent from this fundraiser go towards their election efforts."