Chairman Groen to Speaker Turzai: You're Failing Our State

HARRISBURG, PA - December 12, 2015 - Yesterday, Republican Speaker Mike Turzai cancelled session for yet another day, adjourning the Pennsylvania House of Representatives until Sunday afternoon. This means putting any budget agreements on hold so Republicans can have a good time in New York City.

Responding to Speaker Mike Turzai's decision to postpone session yet again, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Marcel L. Groen issued the following statement:

"While Republican legislators are busy rubbing elbows with lobbyist and high-dollar donors in another state, hardworking Pennsylvanian families are left wondering if they will ever see Republican legislators pass a commonsense budget?

"It is irresponsible for Speaker Turzai and his fringe Republican caucus to continue to hold the budget hostage. Six months have passed and Republicans in the House are failing to do their job. Our schools are on the verge of shutting down and nonprofit organizations are on the brink of layoffs. House Republicans are failing our state.

"As State Representative Kevin Schreiber (D-York) has pointed out, we're up to 164 days without a budget—but Speaker Turzai has only called for 34 voting session days during that time. Meanwhile House Democrats are ready to get back to work. The Speaker should heed their call and bring his members back to Harrisburg to get the budget done. Canceling yet another session day so lawmakers can enjoy New York City is ludicrous."