Pennsylvania Democratic Party Condemns Speaker Turzai

HARRISBURG, PA— Responding to Speaker Mike Turzai's refusal to compromise, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chair Marcel L. Groen issued the following statement:

"Once again, Speaker Mike Turzai is the only obstacle standing between the commonwealth and a budget.

"We are reaching 170 days without a budget, and yet, Speaker Turzai has called the House into session for only 38 days. Why is the Speaker refusing to let members vote on a budget that all other parties have agreed to? Is he busy trying to protect Tea Party interests while our schools and non-profit organizations suffer? Together with the radical, far-right members of his caucus, Turzai is putting the interests of gas and shale companies over that of Pennsylvania's families. That's shameful. Stop holding the budget hostage—let the House vote on the compromise budget."



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