Senate GOP Dismisses Turzai's Fake Deadline, Political Games

HARRISBURG, PA - December 17, 2015  Yesterday, the Senate GOP affirmed their commitment to the bipartisan budget framework and dismissed House Speaker Mike Turzai's fake deadline. Once again, Speaker Turzai has proven that he is the problem. In response to Speaker Turzai's latest political theatrics, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Marcel L. Groen released the following statement:

"It's time to stop the games, stop the theater and get a budget done. There is a bipartisan commitment to fund our schools, but Speaker Turzai continues to be the sole obstacle to moving Pennsylvania forward.

"We haven't agreed to any deadline. We are committed to getting [the budget deal] done," said a Senate Republican leadership source. (PENNLIVE)

"We're continuing with five-party negotiations, " said Jennifer Kocher, spokeswoman for Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman, R-Centre.

She said Senate Republicans are not working on any alternative, shorter-term funding plan: "We want a full budget at this point. " (PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE)

"Enough is enough. I call on Speaker Turzai to stop his obstructionist ways. It's time the people of Pennsylvania had a budget," continued Chairman Groen. "The Speaker is more concerned with protecting his extreme caucus's interests and putting gas drillers ahead of kids and schools, and the people of Pennsylvania."